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Top Model - $385 - Unlimited outfits! This session is for the senior who truly wants to be unique!  In studio, downtown urban scenes and other exclusive locations of your choice.


The Trendsetter - $285 - Up to 5 outfits.  In studio, downtown urban scenes and one location of choice.


In Style - $225 - Up to 4 outfits. In studio and downtown urban scenes.


The Simple - $175 Up to 2 outfits. In studio.


Additional Session Options



Dynamic Art Series - $100 - This session is intended for the creation and purchase of a specific product. For the serious athlete, musician, or one who craves the ultimate piece of art that defines you. The session part is simple. It's during the post production process when the creative expression comes alive. By commissioning this session, you are committing to at least a 20" print.



Cap and Gown - $100 - As your senior year is drawing to a close, this is a great time to be photographed in your cap and gown or gather your bff's together for a commemorative session.  This is a 1 hour session with a choice of either studio or on location.